Old oak – nature without expiration date!

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Old oak – nature without expiration date!

New at WSM 2100

Old oak – nature without expiration date!

New at WSM 1700

Who does not like to have warmth and security in their environment? Whether in your own home, at work or on vacation?

Old oak has been the material of choice for interior fittings for some time now. Not only the resource-conserving handling of nature, by the reprocessing of already used wood, but also the appealing haptic and optics, which develop by the long-term weathering of the wood, impresses the customer.

Natural shades of brown and grey can be found in all shades of old wood. This wonderful play of colours is created by the different levels of sunlight, which contributes an essential part to the typical characteristics of old wood.

The high-quality processing of the old wood beams into usable high-grade veneers for the demanding interior finishing is an own art, which the company RoHol Vertriebs GmbH, based in Rosenau, Austria, has perfected for years. Countless refinement steps turn old barn doors, window frames or beams into highly refined materials as the basis for further furniture production.

That closes the circle. Turning old into new – without looking old!

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  • Original historical old oak
  • Old oak wood can be 80 to 500 years old and impresses with its uniqueness 
  • Old oak is very hard, dry and does not shrink
  • The production of verneers from old wood is very complex, because of the extraordinary hardness of the wood
  • Old oak is made of the ecological demolition of historic buildings such as houses, mills, barns and castles – a high quality of the wood is decisive
  • Typical features are traces from the past: mortise holes, wormholes, fine cracks, nail holes and their coloring