"Whatever runs counter to
nature cannot survive."

Charles Darwin

We see it is our responsibility to protect nature for future generations as one of the leading furniture brands in Germany. This is why our solid wood is sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry. This means: that only as much wood as replanted may be harvested. It is also important that the proper mix of young and old trees ensures that the forest remains healthy and full of vitality. Protecting the environment even enjoys top priority in our processing. All surfaces are free from contaminants and comply with the European standard DIN-Norm 71, which defines the harmlessness and level of safety for children's toys. In addition, almost all surfaces are colour-neutral, meaning that the first-class commercial grade solid wood loses nothing of its original beauty. Far rather: it underscores the natural appeal and warmth of your new dream furniture. Given that every tree harvested is unique in terms of its growth and structure, you receive genuine unique specimens from nature. No two items of furniture are the same; each and everyone is unique in its beauty. This fascinating natural material continues to thrive long after it has been processed. In spite of the correct processing of solid wood, a degree of expansion and contraction along with certain dimensional tolerances in completely solid components cannot be avoided. We see this as nature’s certificate of authenticity.

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