We are climate neutral furniture manufacturer.


Wöstmann Markenmöbel makes all direct and indirect CO2 emissions climate-neutral in accordance with the requirements of the climate pact.

The basis of the climate pact is a company's CO2 footprint, the so-called CO2 footprint. Furniture manufacturers who join the pact calculate their "footprint" annually on the basis of applicable standards. This is made up of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn are divided into three areas ("areas").

All direct emissions of the company, including, for example, fuels for the company's own cars and trucks as well as heating and warming or coolants, are in scope 1. Electricity, district heating, steam or cooling energy are recorded in scope 2. Finally, Scope 3 includes all indirect emissions that result from the course of all daily company processes and the product life cycle - for example, employee trips, external logistics, water consumption and use of the products by the end customer. Source of Quotation: DGM Möbel