"Whatever runs counter to
nature cannot survive."

Charles Darwin

Sustainable forestry

As one of the leading German furniture brands and part of this society, we have a responsibility to protect nature for future generations. This means acting and doing business in such a way that the resources are preserved as the basis of life in the future. That is why our solid woods are obtained exclusively from sustainable forestry.

That means: You can only cut down as much wood as you can. In addition, a correct change of young and old trees must be taken into account, because this is the only way to keep our forests healthy and vital. Our woods come exclusively from sustainably managed forests in Europe and North America and this forestry is subject to high, sustainable management standards.

Counteracting ruthless exploitation of this vital resource is a top priority for Wöstmann Markenmöbel. Sustainable forestry forms the basis of our entrepreneurial activity.

Sustainable processing

As surface structure we use an innovative coating that protects and preserves the special, authentic character of solid wood. The natural raw wood look and a beautiful pore pattern are retained. Thanks to this effective protection and its resistance to stains and scratches, our surface is particularly suitable for heavily used surfaces. This coating structure fully meets the requirements of DIN 53160-1 and DIN 53160-2 regarding "saliva and perspiration fastness". It is free of formaldehyde and fulfills the safety standard for children's toys in accordance with ÖNORM EN 71 Part 3.

Because each tree that is harvested is unique in its growth and structure, you get real unique pieces from nature. No piece of furniture is the same, each one is unique in its beauty. This fascinating natural material lives on even after it has been processed. Despite the solid wood processing, a degree of expansion and contraction as well as certain dimensional tolerances for the solid components cannot be avoided. We understand this as a certificate of authenticity from nature.

Sustainable green electricity

Renewable energies make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate. In a photovoltaic system, the radiation energy from the sun is converted into clean, independent alternating current. We make an important contribution to this. We are committed to sustainability and environmental protection is our top priority.

With our own photovoltaic system on the roofs of our production in Ahaus, we feed up to 40% of our own energy consumption into the public power grid. That means CO2 savings of 370,000 kilograms * per year.

(*The approximate value is calculated from the average value of the energy producers of nuclear power plants, coal-fired power plants, gas power plants, hydropower plants, wind power plants, etc.)

Klimaschutz durch Recycling

Transportverpackungen sind unverzichtbar, damit Ihre Möbel gut geschützt bei Ihnen Zuhause oder im Möbelhaus ankommen. Wer Verpackungen in Verkehr bringt, hat dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass sie der fachgerechten Verwertung zugeführt werden und ressourcenschonend verwertet werden. Mit Interseroh an unserer Seite bleiben diese Verpackungen durch ein hochwertiges Recycling dem Wertstoffkreislauf größtenteils erhalten. Ganz gleich, wo die gebrauchten Transportverpackungen anfallen: Mit einem flächendeckenden Netz aus rund 600 zertifizierten Entsorgungspartnern managen Interseroh deutschlandweit die Rücknahme und das Recycling von Transportverpackungen aus allen Materialien. 

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Interseroh leisten wir einen aktiven Beitrag zum Umwelt- und Klimaschutz und sorgen dafür, dass die kommenden Generationen nachhaltig entlastet werden. Wöstmann Markenmöbel konnte allein im Jahr 2021 durch das Recycling von Transportverpackungsmaterialien rechnerisch 668 Tonnen Ressourcen und zusätzlich 72.689 kg Treibhausgase eingespart.

(Quelle: https://www.interseroh.de/leistungen/recycling/transportverpackungen)