WM 2140

Here you will find a matching dining table and additional chairs for our WM 2140 model.
The WM2140 model is made from high-quality solid oak and is a meaningful piece of furniture that is particularly impressive thanks to its expressive firewood accent as a distinctive style element. Specially selected oak branches, including the bark, are dried, split and then cut to two different pane depths These are finally applied to a blackened plywood carrier, lovingly handcrafted. A real highlight for nature lovers.
As a further design feature, the carbon-colored, textured powder-coated metal body elements are the central focus and form a successful contrast to the natural charm of the firewood accent. These playfully run around corners on the sides of the carcase and cover sheets or are used as front elements on drawers and doors.A special quality feature is the high-quality corner glazing on showcases, hanging elements as well as side and highboards. Special add-on elements for lowboards, sideboards and highboards also give your new furniture a dynamic play of heights - just right for lovers of modern living combinations.

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