Textile labeling
of our fabric and leather

Here is an overview of our fabrics and leather as well as a the material properties.

PGArticleCompositionAbrasion resistanceColour abrasionLight fastnessPilling behaviour
* These materials are model-specific fabrics / leather.
1Africa100% Polyester80.000 tours4-54-54-5
1Amour100% Polyester100.000 tours4-555
1Arizona100% Polyester75.000 tours4-544
1Baltimore100% Polyester100.000 tours54-54-5
1Masada100% Polyester96.000 tours554
1Forza100% Polyester100.000 tours5>54
1Kano*100% Polyester30.000 tours4–54–54
3Alexia (leather)pigmented, embossed leather, 1,2–1,4 mm thickLonglife equipment44
 Hermes* (leather)pigmented, embossed leather, 0,9–1,1 mm thick100.000 tours55
 Vintage* (leather)Semi-Aniline leather, 1,3–1,5 mm thick50.000 tours33
 Cashmere* (leather)Aniline leather, 0,9–1,1 mm thick35.000 tours33
 StrickTec*100% Polyester35.000 tours464


Abrasion resistance

Standardized testing of the resistance to wear and tear on the right (used) side of the fabric (German standard). (Minimum required by the furniture industry: 8,000 abrasive cycles.)


Standardized testing of the resistance to colour change or fading when exposed to light. Rating from 1–8 (8 = high lightfastness, 1 = low lightfastness).

Pilling behaviour

Standardized testing of how a fabric reacts, formation of small fibre knots on the fabric surface when exposed to friction and abrasion (5 = no pilling / 4 = little pilling / 3 = satisfactory / 2 = strong pilling / 1 = very strong pilling).


Did you know?

  • Please avoid direct light and sun exposure.
  • You have to take care with denim and non-colourfast fabrics.
  • Belts, rivets etc. could rub or scratch the covers.
  • Before and after the heating period, the covers shall be maintained with a suitable care product (e.g. LCK).
  • Please remove any dirt immediately. Do not rub, do not press into the leather better proceed from the outside to the inside.


Differences in colour cannot be avoided in the case of furniture fabrics. Please appreciate that we cannot accept any liability for the identical colouring of parts which are ordered subsequently.

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