A very special kind of free-floating setting.

Masterful attention to detail, perfectly shaped design.

Atmospheric light effects.

Selective accents.

A symbol for natural modernity.

High-quality craftsmanship – elaborate mitred corpus with soft, flowing profiles.

Modern functionality.

Everything under control! Practical full extension with elegant faux leather base.

For smart phones and the like you have the option of a practical USB charging port in the drawers.


Nature is always in search of the perfect form. Why not follow this theme? Perfect design form made from natural material. Although we don't know how nature sees ultimate perfection, we do believe we have found it when it comes to furniture design. Modern nesting with soft transitions, in connection with an unsurpassed loving attention to detail – that is our SINEO system programme. In addition to its impressive styling, every SINEO item of furniture excites with its unique natural beauty in terms of solid wood interpretation. The intricate, three-layer solid wood fronts with a continuous and cross-frontal wooden structure bring the unique plank characteristic of SINEO to life. All other solid wood elements belonging to this high-quality series are also produced using lamellae throughout. An all-around pleasure for real wood enthusiasts. If desired, the oak can be accentuated by a subtle blend of colour and material, with matt glass accents in “Bianco” or “Siena”. Innovative LED lighting rounds off the impressive effect of this interior design programme.

Together with the furniture from Wöstmann, you can enjoy the best advice.