[Translate to English:] Säulentisch

[Translate to English:] Massivholztisch mit Säule inkl. carbonfarbiger Holz-Strebe und Metall-Bodenplatte.

[Translate to English:] Mögliches Zubehör des Säulentisches: eine natürliche Hirnholzeinlage mit offenen Rissen

[Translate to English:] Natur-Baumkante

[Translate to English:] Massivholztisch mit Säule – Möglich mit oder ohne Naturbaumkante

[Translate to English:] Massivholztisch mit Säule

TS 4500 / Dining table with column

This modern dining table series offers you the agony of choice thanks to its multifaceted design scope: From a pillar dining table with a carbon-colored solid wood strut, a filigree solid wood dining table with a Swiss edge to a solid wood table with a Swiss edge and inclined, carbon-colored metal panels, you will find what you are looking for here. All tables are available in widths of 95 cm or 110 cm.

With the pillar dining table, you have the option of choosing the professional table with a natural tree edge or as a normal straight table top profile. Furthermore, you can provide the table surface with an optional end-grain application.

Together with the furniture from Wöstmann, you can enjoy the best advice.

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